Scott Alan Turner, CFP®

Owner, Founder

I was a money moron after college, living paycheck-to-paycheck and losing $40,000 following bad investing advice. Because they don’t teach about money in schools, right? 

With help I turned my life around and became a self-made millionaire at age 35. I say that humbly, because I came from small town nothing with blue collar parents who never owned a home.
In 2014, I launched the Financial Rock Star show to help people avoid the money mistakes I made, win with money, and live a rich life. My bestselling book – 99 Minute Millionaire – helped tens-of-thousands of people understand investing for the first time.
My journey led me to becoming a CFP® and eventually starting my own firm to help people invest smarter, sleep better, and get financial freedom faster.
When I’m not dorking out learning more about money and behavioral finance so that I can help more people, I’m with my wife and twins, traveling, wake boarding, or practicing my guitar.


Cats: Jake + Riker
My guidance safeguards you from having to buy the cheap pet food.


I once played at the House of Blues in Dallas.


Star Trek reruns
On my YouTube channel is a parody of The Office I scripted + starred in.


My book has a cookie recipe in the back...because money should be fun.

Katie Cline, MBA

Director of Operations

Katie Cline is an entrepreneur, investor, and master of nearly everything! She has years of experience working with customers.

Ms. Cline founded and managed a LEED (green) commercial construction education business for over eight years. It became so successful Katie and her husband sold the business to a larger team. 

She has an MBA with emphasis in Commercial Real Estate and manages her own real estate portfolio in the Dallas area. Years of working with customers means she can work with anyone and personalize your service.


There's nothing like fresh eggs for breakfast.


Travel Planning
Always looking forward to the next trip!


Some of the workers lived in my Airbnb while filming.


Because kids.

Hollis Turner, CEO

Chief English Officer

Hollis and her twin brother Bram were the inspiration for the children’s book Money A to Z.

She quickly found an interest in finance, made a cameo in the Money A to Z course, has occasional guest appearances on the Financial Rock Star show, and helps people realize money doesn’t have to be complicated.

She frequently reads dad’s book 99 Minute Millionaire to prove investing can be made 5th-grade simple and explained in plain English (with the right teacher!). In her free time, she enjoys building Lego sets and has been wakeboarding since age two.


Mom takes us to the library a lot.


I cheer at my brother's football games.


My Little Pony
I've been taking horse riding lessons for a few years.


Bread makes everything better.

It’s time to finally start feeling good about your future.


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