Ultimately, the real value that financial planners provide is in helping clients avoid the big mistake...

We will find out where your finances fall short, and help you fix them for the long run.

How Are We Different Than Others?


Old School Firms

Rock Star Financial

A holistic look at your financial future

We’ll design a personalized financial independence roadmap customized to your goals. Whether that’s establishing an income strategy for early retirement or analyzing your current financial situation for recommendations. It includes net worth and cash flow analysis, financial projections, actions to take, and tons of other useful stuff.

Planning fee

If you are getting “free” advice from an “advisor”, you’re probably a product to them, and not a person. How much is a service worth to keep you from avoiding the BIG MISTAKE? In our opinion, a whole lot more than what most real advisors charge.

Total Planning Fee:


Simple – Fee-only – No long term commitment

Half ($3,000) is due up-front when we agree to work together. Half ($3,000) is due upon the delivery of your comprehensive, custom financial independence plan.

How It Works

The Rock Star Financial Independence Roadmap

Your initial journey has these simple steps. They generally take around 60-90 days to complete.

1. Jam

Complimentary get-to-know-you virtual meeting to see if we would be a good fit together. (15-30 minutes)

2. Band Camp

Complimentary Initial Discovery Meeting where we talk in-depth about your financial goals and most pressing financial concerns. (60 minutes)

3. Record Deal

Take 48-hours and decide how you would like to proceed. No pressure, no annoying sales. Review our transparent client agreement and pay half of the planning fee to keep learning.

4. Composing

Get Organized Meeting where we will review your financial information while helping you sort through your financial lives and get organized. Click here for a checklist of the kind of information you will need to provide (PDF). (90 minutes)

5. Mastering

Exploration Meeting to see what’s possible using our fancy software. We look for opportunities to more efficiently and effectively meet your goals. (60-90 minutes)

6. Showtime

Plan Presentation and Recommendations Meeting. You’ll get a complete understanding of your current financial situation and what improvements you can make. You'll see where things could fall apart so you can fix them. You’ll have recommendations and an action plan to follow based on your dreams, lifestyle, and goals. The second half of the planning fee is due after this meeting. (60-90+ minutes)

7. Encore (Optional)

After you receive your comprehensive plan, you may decide you want continued expert advice as your journey continues. There is no pressure or requirement to continue. See below for the benefits and monthly subscription options.

  1. Schedule a Free Meet Up
  2. Discover All About You
  3. Explore Your Possibilities
  4. Present Your Plan

What's Included

We look at everything related to your money and values so you can get the best advice, which means you are more likely to get where you want to go as fast as you can. Otherwise, it’s kinda like going to a doctor for a checkup where they only spend 30 seconds listening to your heartbeat to make sure you’re alive. Then they send you out the door. That’s incomplete (but they still billed $592) and who knows what they missed.

Optional Ongoing Advice - Benefits and pricing

The simple way to grow your money over time is with the help of an expert guide who’s already walked the path you’re on. These plans are OPTIONAL. You can wait and decide when you receive your initial plan if you want implementation help and ongoing checkups.  

Karaoke (DIY+)


Everything you need for the person who wants to DIY with occasional help.

Front Row Seat


When you just want it done for you so you can have more time for other important things.

Allstar Experience


When you need advice growing your business, real estate, or career.

Not Ready Yet? Don't Sweat!


It’s time to finally start feeling good about your future.


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