A personal advisor. Smart technology. A great experience.

We are the opposite of the robo-advisors and giant financial firms.


Remember how you felt when you had something stolen from you? That's why we offer you Investment Help

We’re not going to hassle you to manage your money. We’re not going to require it to work with us. We believe the best person to manage your money is you. We can educate you on how to do that. 
Some people just want investing help, and we offer it as an option. A proper investment strategy can help your money to grow, preserve your principal, and help to enable your future to go in the directions you want.
While technology has made it easier for families to invest on their own, the overwhelming number of options, the frequent lack of cost transparency, and the need to constantly monitor investments and the marketplace can make individual investment management difficult and crazy scary. We can help you with that.

Smart People Like You Already Know The Power of Compounding

But the problem is compounding can work for you, or against you.

Typical big firms and financial/investment advisors love to charge you a percentage of what they manage (called the AUM fee). Check it out…

What does 1% charged annually for investment management look like over time?



With 1% Management Fee


Without 1% Management Fee

Hypothetical growth over 30 years starting with $100,000. 7% vs. 8% annual return.

And it gets worse because many advisors won’t even talk to people unless they have $500,000 to manage!

Simple, beautiful, flat monthly fees

Our fees are as unique as you are.

Our monthly fee is based on the number of your accounts we manage and debited directly from your account.

What's included:

  • No hidden fees or commissions (you keep more of your money)
  • Tax-efficient stuff (you keep more of your money).
  • Ultra-low-cost investments (you keep more of your money)
  • Evidence-based strategy (you keep more of your money)
  • Mobile app (easy to check how things are doing)
  • Cancel anytime (you’re never stuck)
  • A human to work with (no annoying bots or endless phone trees).

$20 per account per month.

We have a minimum total account size of $20,000 (the sum of all your accounts). Otherwise, you’re probably better off managing your own money (and it will cost less).

Our service leaves you with more money to compound.

Us: $960 / year

Them: $5,000 / year

*Hypothetical example of $500,000 in assets spread over four (4) accounts compared to a 1% annual management fee

Our Investing Philosophy

Study after study has found that it’s impossible to beat the market on a consistent basis; if you try it, you’ll lose. That is why our investment management approaches investing with a data-driven, factor-based methodology. Instead of trying to outsmart the market, we use known market behaviors and leverage DFA funds to create an investment strategy to meet your goals.

If you’re a Vanguard fan (so are we) – we can manage those too.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about…we get it. That’s why our founder wrote the book on helping people understand investing simply, and easily.

It's kinda like passive index investing with a little hot sauce added.


DFA Funds: A Superior Approach to Investment Management

At Rock Star Financial, we use the investing methodology developed by Eugene Fama. Fama is an economist and winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Fama’s methodology focuses on capturing the “key” dimensions of the marketplace as investment indicators.

Rock Star Financial is an approved advisor with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA is an asset manager whose mutual funds use Fama’s dimensional methodology. As an approved advisor with DFA, we can invest your money into DFA’s mutual funds. These funds are not available to the general public.

These are the same funds our founder has been invested in since 2005.

Read about how Dimensional is Transforming Lives Through Financial Science and the Key Principles to Improve Your Odds of Success.

It’s time to finally start feeling good about your future.


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Important Disclosures & Legal Weasel Stuff: Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results. Please consider, among other important factors, your investment objectives and risk tolerance before investing. Does anybody read this stuff?