Get your retirement accounts running at peak performance.

Millions of Americans are handed a 401k and are expected to figure them out. Most people are confused, have no experience, and are worried to death about having enough money for retirement.

It's time to discover "what's missing?"

"I checked all the boxes."

"So why not just set it and forget it?"

"What's missing?"

Do you ever think to yourself…

  • What are the exact investments I should choose within my 401k?
  • Are my investments set up properly?
  • What if I missed something?

Assuming 5% annualized growth vs 8% annualized growth of an advisor managed portfolio over a 30 year working lifetime (age 25-55) and saving $500 more each month.1

A [Triple] Fiduciary you can [Triple] Trust
Which means we put your best interest first and always:

We know you're probably thinking:
'Just tell me what to do.'
That's exactly what we'll do (without the jargon, confusion, and judgement).

The 10 signs you're ready for an Optimized 401k

1. You’ve already read and implemented most of the strategies in my book

2. You login and look at your 401k balance frequently

3. You’re a little (or a lot!) confused on all of the options in your 401k

4. You have no idea if your employer’s plan is charging killer fees that are hidden from you

5. You’re unsure if you should be doing a Traditional 401k or Roth 401k (or even why it matters)

6. You want a professional second opinion on the advice you’ve gotten from someone else

7. You have no one around you to talk about money with

8. You’re scared you may have made a mistake

9. You want to know if you’re getting the best return for your risk level

10. You save money towards retirement and keep wondering “How am I doing?”

The surprising truth: What NOT optimizing could cost you

Plan Fees
How much an increase of 1 percent in your 401k plan fees and charges could reduce your retirement earnings.1
The Value of Advice
Potential improved returns per year by getting personal financial advice instead of going it alone.2
Average Underperformance
How much less return the average investor got compared to the market in 2018 (4.3% vs 9.4%).3
Asset Allocation
How much of your experience (volatility and returns) are because of your investing distribution.4
Not Staying Invested
How much returns decreased by missing the 10 best days in the market.5
Cost of Inflation

The loss of purchasing power over 30 years.

REMEMBER: 401(k)s are not the real problem. The problem is not knowing what you don't know.



Get my Optimize 401k and find out what investing professionals know about investing, performance, asset allocation, and risk that most people don’t.

3 Simple Steps to Optimize

Fill Out a Quick Form

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Send Us The Info

We will request your current plan info.

Let Us Get to Work

We do the heavy lifting, and help you understand and complete any recommendations.

Go inside my comprehensive Optimize 401k Inspection Checklist

No other service includes such an in-depth collection of strategies, tactics, and psychology.

  • Think Like a Financial Planner
  • Discover Your Best Options
  • Remove Your Fear of Investing
  • Reduce Your Taxes
  • Minimize Your Losses
  • Survive a Downturn
  • Fix the Hidden Costs in Plans
  • Get Free Money
  • Get Clarity
  • Lock in Profits
  • Save The Right Amount
  • Find Your Comfort Level
  • Increase Your Knowledge
  • Gain Confidence
  • Save Your Time

High Touch + High Tech: The personal touch of a human advisor with the backing of cutting edge software.

Exclusive to Optimize 401k: You get
worksheets, tools, and templates - free

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Optimize 401k different than 99 Minute Millionaire? Or DIY blog posts and online calculators?

My book gives you the fundamentals of investing, understanding the terms, the gotchas, killer fees, and how to get started simply and easily.

What the book couldn’t do is provide specific advice on the available investment choices in every single retirement plan (which would be impossible).

Optimize 401k is next level stuff that provides a set of human eyes to review and comment on your decisions.

You send us your current investment selections, and what the company plan has to offer (PDF uploads to our secure vault). We also ask a few questions to figure out how risky you are (or aren’t!). We use our investing software to run through all the potential combinations to pick the best one for you.

What kind of technical skills do I need to be able to do this?

None. We do the hard work for you.

What will I get?

An in-depth personal investment strategy, that you’ll actually understand and get excited about.

Making sense of it all

Remember the first time logging into your 401k account and running into a wall of nonsense? That was probably after the forever-time it took to get into the website to begin with!

We make the financial nonsense make sense, so you know what the heck is going on which means you’ll be more confident about your future.

Rocket science research

We’ll use our fancy financial software and big brain experience and pick what’s best for you. It’s kinda like inviting us into your kitchen. We’ll use whatever is in the fridge and pantry to whip up the optimal 5-star gourmet meal.

How do the changes get made?

Unlike Wall Street and many investing professionals that only sell their own products ($$$$!), we don’t make one penny off the investments in your 401k. Which is great news for your wallet! 

Our recommendations are going to be what are best for you and your goals, not a CEO’s $20 million dollars bonus.

  • We can make the recommended changes for you (easiest)
  • We can hold-your-hand and walk you through making the recommended changes (Zoom call together)
  • You can make the recommended changes on your own if you’re comfortable (DIY)

What if I have questions?

We’ll answer them! You’ll never be alone, in the dark, or trying to talk to a robot.

6-month check-in

As your guide we’ll check in with you to see how things are going. Like the best doctors would follow up with you after your physical, we’ll do the same.

How long does this take?

5-10 business days after we have the info we need. We use real people (not robots!) that take the time to not just look, but to think about your account. No cookie-cutter advice. Sorry/not-sorry – we can’t deliver microwave results and provide a quality service.

How is this different than working with an investment advisor or my Human Resources person?

Many investment advisors have a conflict-of-interest or can be limited to recommending only certain products. Think of it this way – the car salesperson for Chevy isn’t going to tell you the best car for you is a Honda. We work for you – and you alone. 

Human Resources – while they are wonderful people…they aren’t investing experts and have 103 other problems to take care of.  If you’re a bit like us, you probably don’t want the same person planning the company picnic to plan your retirement.

Is this financial planning? Will you provide me with a financial plan?

Optimize 401k is not a financial plan, retirement analysis, or goal planning service. This is a limited scope engagement for an investment account review. Financial planning involves an in-depth review of many areas of your finances. Financial planning may include cash flow, retirement, insurance, estate planning, goals, risk analysis, etc.

Optimize 401k looks at one of your accounts only. It does not include how it may impact other personal and/or financial circumstances. While most people would benefit from financial planning, we understand some people just want a quick account check-up.

Is this secure?

Totally! It’s not possible for us to drain your accounts and move to the islands. Everything is encrypted, secure, and safe. We don’t store passwords or logins. In fact, we don’t even need those things. You can choose to send over PDF copies that we can work with.

How can I trust you with my plan?

We are fiduciaries – we do what’s in the best interest of the client, and abide by CFP® Board’s code of ethics.

We do not hold your assets – they stay wherever your plan has them.

We are regulated and audited – We are regulated by FINRA, which you can check here.

What type of accounts will you give your unbiased, expert review?

  • IRA
  • 401k
  • 403b
  • 457
  • TSP
  • HSA

An UNBEATABLE guarantee:
Get Optimize 401k, 100% risk-free

Try out the service. If you don’t LOVE the results, you will not be billed. 
Yep, we’re going to do the work first. Then you’ll get an invoice after we send you your optimization report. Sound fair?
And in the rare case you’re doing everything right, we won’t charge you. 
You can see, the risk is squarely on us, and you have nothing to lose.
I know Optimize 401k works. And I know you’re ready for the assurance you want. Which is why I offer this unbelievable guarantee.

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